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Autoweek – how not to sell a C-max Energi

Ford C-max Energi

Interesting article on AutoWeek about a bad experience trying to buy a C-max Energi from a local Ford dealership.

It took over an hour and 20 minutes, and 3 sales guys to try and show the features and functions of the C-max Energi before they gave the excuse that they didn’t have any on the lot to play with, and then they told the customer it was the same as the regular C-max with a few extras. The dealership was unable to tell the customer when the car would be using electric power, and when it would operate in hybrid mode.

From not knowing why the EV and EV+ modes were greyed out (the battery pack was empty) to not knowing how to connect the customers smart phone to Sync and then blaming it on the customers phone, the experience wasn’t very food.

The whole experience is particularly interesting considering Ford has repeatedly announced that it is training it’s dealerships before it allows them to even sell plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Did this dealership slip through the cracks, or is Ford’s training program a failure?

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