Ford starting slow with Electric Vehicle sales

Ford’s group marketing manager for electrification stats that Ford is letting the electric vehicle market grow organically rather than trying to force numbers like other EV manufacturers. Ford is using incentives to encourage buyers to purchase the C-max Energi and Ford Focus Electric, but “we’re being very measured and letting the market come to us.”

“By the end of the year we will have six brand-new electrified products, which I think shows a commitment to electrification by the Ford Motor Company.” says O’Donnell.

As of December, there are very few C-max Energi plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on the road, but it has only been available for around a month. The Ford Focus Electric is currently only available at about 200 dealerships nationwide.

Ford does plan on expanding its EV dealer network, but dealers need to complete training first. Ford wants to make sure customers are met with salespeople who know the electric vehicle terminology and workings. Around 700 dealerships are currently undergoing training around the country.

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