C-max Energi Packages

Just a quick outline of the different options and packages available on the 2013 C-max Energi.

Hands Free Technology

This package comes with a power lift gate that can be activated via key fob or button on the dash, rear view camera, and foot activated liftgate. If you have the intelligent access key with you, the C-max Energi will know you are close, and you can swipe your foot beneath the rear bumper and the rear hatch will open.

Parking Technology Package

Using ultrasonic, the C-max Energi can detect a parking spot, and then with you controlling the transmission and throttle, the C-max Energi can steer the vehicle into the spot by sensing where vehicles are and how far away it is from the curb.

Premium Audio and Navigation Package

Includes voice activated navigation system with integrated SiriusXM traffic, Sony sound system with 9 speakers and HD Radio with iTunes tagging.

Rear Park Aid and Power Liftgate Package

This package allows the rear hatch on the C-max Energi to be opened with the key fob or with a button on the dash. The rear park aid uses a sound to alert you when there is something up to six feet behind you when you are backing up. As you get closer, the sound becomes more frequent and louder.

Autoweek – how not to sell a C-max Energi

Ford C-max Energi

Interesting article on AutoWeek about a bad experience trying to buy a C-max Energi from a local Ford dealership.

It took over an hour and 20 minutes, and 3 sales guys to try and show the features and functions of the C-max Energi before they gave the excuse that they didn’t have any on the lot to play with, and then they told the customer it was the same as the regular C-max with a few extras. The dealership was unable to tell the customer when the car would be using electric power, and when it would operate in hybrid mode.

From not knowing why the EV and EV+ modes were greyed out (the battery pack was empty) to not knowing how to connect the customers smart phone to Sync and then blaming it on the customers phone, the experience wasn’t very food.

The whole experience is particularly interesting considering Ford has repeatedly announced that it is training it’s dealerships before it allows them to even sell plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Did this dealership slip through the cracks, or is Ford’s training program a failure?

Read the full article here

Ford says C-max Energi selling fast

Ford C-max Energi graphical rendering

Ford launched the C-max hybrid and C-max Energi back in October, and is now offering up details on how well the crossover vehicles have been selling.

According to Ford, in October and November, Ford sold 8030 C-max Hybrid and C-max Energi vehicles. Ford makes mention that the number sold beats the Toyota Camry Hybrid’s 7300 sales during its first two months of sales back in 2006. Ford is also saying that the C-max Energi and Hybrid sales are selling three times faster than the sales of the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight way way back in 2000.

Ford is predicting it will beat another hybrid vehicle record at the close of December with an all-time record quarter for hybrid vehicle sales.

Interestingly, Ford mentions that the C-max Energi and C-max hybrid vehicles are drawing new users to Ford and the Toyota Prius is the #1 trade-in followed closely by the Honda CR-V.

I’m sure that the C-max Hybrid and C-max Energi being one of the cheapest hybrids on the market right now is helping, not to mention class leading fuel economy numbers

Ford starting slow with Electric Vehicle sales

Ford’s group marketing manager for electrification stats that Ford is letting the electric vehicle market grow organically rather than trying to force numbers like other EV manufacturers. Ford is using incentives to encourage buyers to purchase the C-max Energi and Ford Focus Electric, but “we’re being very measured and letting the market come to us.”

“By the end of the year we will have six brand-new electrified products, which I think shows a commitment to electrification by the Ford Motor Company.” says O’Donnell.

As of December, there are very few C-max Energi plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on the road, but it has only been available for around a month. The Ford Focus Electric is currently only available at about 200 dealerships nationwide.

Ford does plan on expanding its EV dealer network, but dealers need to complete training first. Ford wants to make sure customers are met with salespeople who know the electric vehicle terminology and workings. Around 700 dealerships are currently undergoing training around the country.

Ford strikes deal with GE to purchase 2000 C-max Energis

Ford recently announced that it has arranged a new deal with GE for the purchase of 2,000 Ford C-max Energi plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. This is part of GE’s plan to  move half of its global fleet of 25,000 vehicles to alternate fuel vehicles. So far, including this deal for C-max Energis, GE has 5,000 alternate fuel vehicles.

Because of the size of this deal, Ford can now claim the largest ever plug-in hybrid electric fleet vehicle sale. Ford will give GE vehicles to use at its vehicle innovation center and will promote two of GE’s alt-fuel products in exchange. GE manufactures the Wattstation and CNG in a box.

The Ford C-max Energi forum is a great place to discuss the C-max Energi, America’s most fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid. Recently rated by the EPA at 108 MPGe rating in the city, the C-max Energi is perfect for a short commute on pure electric power, and longer trips using the gasoline and electric combined range of 620 miles.

“Ford is launching six new electrified vehicles – a big bet that fuel prices will continue rising and lead to more demand for advanced fuel-efficient vehicles,” says Ken Czubay, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service. “We are pleased to partner with GE, a company that is charting a similar course, to promote advanced technology and energy savings.”

The C-MAX Energi joins the C-MAX Hybrid as part of Ford’s first hybrid-only dedicated line of vehicles. C-MAX Energi is expected to be America’s most affordable plug-in hybrid with a starting price of $29,995, after federal tax credit and including destination and delivery costs.

Front view of 2012 C-max Energi

Ford C-max Energi will be available at over 900 dealers

Currently, Ford is selling the C-max Energi at 200 dealerships across the country. That’s because that is the number of dealerships that have received training and are certified to sell plug-in electric vehicles, including the Ford Focus Electric and the Ford C-max Energi plug-in hybrid.

More than 900 dealerships are certified or enrolled in certification, far outpacing Ford’s original estimate of 350 dealers across the country. With 25% of all new vehicle buyers placing plug-in hybrids on their shopping lists, Ford is pleased with dealer interest.

Once these dealerships have received certification, there will be certified dealers in 50 states selling the C-max Energi and by early 2013, the Ford Fusion Energi as well.

The 2013 Ford C-max Energi is America’s most fuel efficient plug-in hybrid, and has been certified by the EPA as having a MPGe of 105 – which is 5 MPGe more than the Prius Plug-in.

Ford Builds New C-max Energi Plug-In in Michigan

Ford started producing the new C-max Energi plug-in hybrid at its retooled Michigan Assembly plant. The Plant is capable of manufacturing vehicles based on multiple platforms. Ford overhauled the 55 year old plant in 2009 that used to make the Expedition and Lincoln Navigator full size SUVs. The cost was $550 million.

According to Ford, the assembly plant is the only one in the world that can produce gas powered, plug-in hybrid and 100% electric cars on the same production line. This is capable due to its advanced retooling and highly trained workers capable of producing a wide range of vehicle models.

Currently, the Michigan plant can produce 5 body styles on 2 platforms including the Ford Focus Electric and the Ford C-max Energi.

Ford has undertaken “One Manufacturing” strategy, which aims at producing multiple models from plants across the world in order to save production costs and fast adaptation to changes in consumer tastes.

According to Jim Tetreault, head of manufacturing in North America, this flexible manufacturing style becomes possible as long as plants produce cars, sedans and crossovers and not pickup trucks. Trucks require too drastic a difference in designing requirements.